Tengo la mala costumbre de pensar que si hago algo con pasión y con ganas, voy a ser buena en ello de la noche a la mañana. Me pasa constantemente con la gran mayoría de aficiones que voy acumulando: bordar, coser, tocar la guitarra, hacer pendientes y anillos, cantar y un largo etcétera. Lo que casualmente ignoro es que uno no se puede convertir en ‘bueno’ si no practica. Pero aquí hay un problema, yo no quiero caer en la competitividad que nos inculca el sistema capitalista, ¿contra quién competiría yo? ¿contra mí misma?. Parece algo un poco dantesco, intentar…

Originally published in QMUnicate Issue 146, 28 November 2020

Jill Brown, formerly know as a presenter and reporter on ScottishTV, is a singer which launched her own media/PR consultancy in 2007, as a way to pursue music. Her sound can be defined as ‘soul’ and one of her passions is making live music broadly accessible to those who live on the fringes of society: the prison inmates, the homeless or those struggling with addictions.

One of her latest projects originated after conducting a few song-writing workshops in HM Prison Barlinnie (the biggest prison in Scotland), earlier this year just before…

Originally published in QMUnicate Issue 146, 28 November 2020

“Wake up, Y/N!”- my mother yelled from the kitchen.

I was going to be late for high school. I jumped out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror. Brown hair, blue eyes and the palest skin you have ever seen. I got dressed in some jeans and a sweater, I didn’t care much for fashion. Have I mentioned that I’m not popular or liked by any of the other girls in my high school? I get along with guys so much more, they almost see me as their sister.

Article written for QMUnicate Magazine (but never published), February 2021

Okay, picture this: you’re walking down the street on a day like any other and you spot from the other side of the road a bookshop. Or even worse: a second-hand bookshop that has books for less than three pounds. Your feet start to drag you there almost unconsciously and you are not completely sure what happens but when you walk out of the shop you have three more books in your possession and a couple fewer bucks. You somehow convinced yourself that you had to read this Russian novel…

Originally published as Caught in Adulthood in QMUnicate Issue 146, 28 November 2020

Taylor Swift sings “Our coming of age has come and gone” in her song peace’. And I believe she is right. There is a moment when we realise that we are well past our youthful days. But what exactly marks that moment? And is it a singular instant that forges the transition into adulthood or is it more of a process? …

Originally published in G-You Magazine, 11 December 2020

If you still haven’t heard of the new social media app TikTok you really must have been living under a rock. I’m pretty sure that if you ask any seventeen-year-old with Internet access, they will definitely know what you’re talking about. This app, launched in 2014 originally as musical.ly, has become one of the greatest content nests on the Internet. It hosts videos from millions of creators worldwide. The videos, ranging from 3 to 60 seconds, can consist of challenges, dances, comedy gags and so much more.

It is similar to any…

eva kronos

tuitera swiftie y vlogger.

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